Reminder: Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Only international students are enrolled in NYU student health insurance.  All domestic high school students are required to maintain their own domestic health insurance. While ALL HS STUDENTS have access to comprehensive services at the Student Health Center (SHC) through appointment or walk-in services (all visits to SHC’s Urgent Care area will incur a $10 fee), students should check with their own insurance provider to see if the NYU Student Health Center is included in their network and to determine which clinics and/or doctors in New York City are within network. If student’s domestic coverage does not include the NYU Student Health Center, students will be billed on an out-of-network basis.

Students should be sure their insurance coverage provides both mental health and general health benefits and covers both in-patient (hospital) as well as out-patient services. Even with insurance, students may pay out-of-pocket for some services then submit claim forms for reimbursement and should plan for both on-going and possible emergency costs to be paid out-of-pocket.

All students are required to bring a copy of their insurance card with them to the program and to carry it with them at all times in case of an emergency.


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