Getting Around


New York City has five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx. The main campus of NYU is located in Greenwich Village, in downtown Manhattan, with NYU in Brooklyn located in downtown Brooklyn, both of which are rich with history and culture.  NYU, in keeping with its founder’s vision, is “in and of the city”: the University – which has no walls and no gates – is deeply intertwined with New York City.  Students will have the opportunity to explore the city through chaperoned curricula and residential life events and activities during the program and, if they wish, experience the city on their own during their off-time.

Getting To and From Classes

Most classes are within walking distance of the dorm, dining halls and other NYU facilities. Students attending NYU in Brooklyn will be taking the subway to classes. Campus tours will be held on orientation day. Make sure to bring comfortable shoes as you’ll be doing a lot of walking on either campus!

Getting Around

Most of Manhattan’s streets form a grid with streets running east and west, and avenues running north and south.  Street numbers increase as you travel north (10th Street is north of 4th Street), and avenue numbers increase as you travel west (5th Avenue is west of 2nd Avenue).  Broadway is the only street in Manhattan that travels the full length of the island and is not a part of the grid.

Google Maps is a great resource for getting around.

NYU in Brooklyn at NYU Tandon School of Engineering houses MAGNET, the Media and Games Network, which is also home to Tisch School of the Arts’ Game Center.

NYU Transportation

NYU offers a bus free to students with their NYUCard that connects the medical campus, Union Square campus, and Washington Square campus during the summer.  Information, including the bus route and schedule, is online at the NYU Public Safety website.

Public Transportation

New York City Subway Map
Manhattan Bus Map

Brooklyn Bus Map
MTA Trip Planner

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) operates the city’s network of subways and buses.  To use public transportation in the city, students must purchase a MetroCard. A MetroCard costs $1.00, and one ride on a local bus or subway is $2.75.  The cost of SingleRide ticket is $3.00. You can receive discounts when you buy a MetroCard with multiple or unlimited rides.

Please wait until after you meet with your departments during orientation to buy your MetroCard. Each department is providing MetroCards to their students but at varying amounts. It is best to see what will be covered before purchasing additional MetroCards.

For more information about MetroCards, please visit the MTA website.

For more information about getting to NYU, please visit the Getting to NYU Page.


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