Reminder: Read Through Program and School Policies

Students need to familiarize themselves with all policies listed on the blog and are expected to adhere to them throughout the program. Please see the list below and feel free to ask us any questions about them.

Tisch Program Policies

Students will receive college-credit, but as minors there are additional policies you must adhere to, such as curfew times, the zero-tolerance policy, and attendance requirements. Please read through these policies again and make sure to discuss them with your family.

Academic Policies

Please read through this statement so you understand the guidelines for submitting or using original works.

Conduct Policies

Please read through these policies on substance use, harassment and community responsibility. Before arriving students must digitally sign indicating they understand these policies when they fill out their online supplemental forms.

Residential Hall Policies

Students should understand the noise policy, and other residential hall rules. Students will receive a full list of residential violations when they move in, but this should still be read in advance.

Students who violate policies will be subject to disciplinary action, including but not limited to dismissal from the program, without refund of tuition or fees. For more information about the residential student conduct process, please visit the Student Conduct Policy and Process page.


Requesting a Transcript After Completion of Tisch Summer High School

College Credit and Course Information

During the four weeks with the Tisch Summer High School Program, students will earn six college credits, accredited by New York University. Each college or university has their own transfer policy, so students will need to inquire how credits earned in the Tisch Summer High School Program can be applied once they are admitted to an undergraduate program.

All grades will be posted by September, but academic transcripts are not automatically sent at the end of summer. If students would like an academic transcript, they can make a request by:

  • Visiting the Registrar’s Office located at the Student Services Center (25 West 4th Street)
  • Mailing or faxing a letter to University Registrar.
  • More information can be found on the registrar’s website .

Transcripts can be requested at any time. When making requests in person, photo ID must be presented. Mailed or faxed requests require the signature of the student. Only the student can make a request for his or her grades.

Please note that any students who have not completely paid all charges attributed to their program will not be able to request a transcript until their Bursar account is settled. Students with questions about their account should contact the Office of the Bursar at NYU at (212) 998-2806 or . Please include the student identification number or Nnumber in the email correspondence or have it ready when calling the Bursar Office.

Get To Know Your Program!

This summer you’ll be spending 4 weeks in intensive arts training, and you’ll be earning 6 college credits in the process. Schedules vary by programs and students will receive an updated schedule on orientation day from their departments.



Dramatic Writing


Film & TV

Photography & Imaging

Recorded Music

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to your departments!

Free Time

During your free time, students will have an opportunity to sign up for Broadway shows, baseball games, outings to NYC attractions, and other activities through the Residence Hall. Students can also take advantage of the athletic facilities, catch up with homework, laundry or rest during their free time.



All departments provide their students with an NYC MetroCard. The amount of rides varies based on department and studio. As a reminder, please make sure not to lose it! It is not replaceable.

If your coursework requires you to travel, your department will have purchased a MetroCard for those specific activities/events. If you want to travel during your downtime, you will need to purchase your own MetroCard. For more information about traveling within NYC, read the Getting Around post.

As a reminder, here is what each department will provide in terms of transportation:

Dance: Students receive a 24 ride MetroCard to enable them to go to department-mandated events and meetings.

Drama: Students in the Stonestreet Studio, Meisner Studio, and Production & Design Studio receive a 30-day unlimited MetroCard as their classes require them to use transportation. Students in New Studio Broadway and Experimental Theater Workshop receive a 8 ride MetroCard for department-mandated events.

Dramatic Writing: Students receive a 16 ride MetroCard to get to and from department-mandated events.

Games: Students receive a 30-day unlimited MetroCard to enable them to go to and from class at the NYU in Brooklyn campus and attend department-mandated events.

Film & TV: Students receive a 30-day unlimited MetroCard to enable them to film and go to department-mandated events.

Photography and Imaging: Students receive one 30-day unlimited MetroCard to enable them to shoot photos, go to exhibits and department-mandated events

Recorded Music: Students receive a 16 ride MetroCard to enable them to go to department-mandated events and meetings

Remember to Check Your NYU Email

Remember that our office, your departments, and other NYU offices will communicate with you via your NYU Email at NYU Home. In order to get into the habit, remember to check your NYU Email on a regular basis in order to receive updates and important information regarding your program.

You can find out more information about NYU Email at NYU’s Information Technology Services website. Email can be accessed via a web browser at, via NYUHome or by using a mobile device or desktop program. If you wish to access NYU Email via a mobile device or desktop program, configuration instructions can be found in the on the ITS website in the  ServiceLink knowledge base.