DANC-UT 1403 – Dance Studio Practice, 4 credits
DANC-UT 1404 – Creative Research in Dance, 2 credits

In addition to rigorous technical practice, students create new dance compositions and learn existing repertory from established New York City-based dance artists.

Dance Studio Practice is designed to develop a rigorous physical practice in the young dancer in preparation for college-level pre-professional dance training. This four-week course consists of three components: Dynamic Alignment and Conditioning, Ballet Technique, and Contemporary Technique. Course work focuses on learning to dance healthfully, emphasizing placement and alignment principles that lead to the most efficient use of the body. A comprehensive, organic approach to dance encourages students to develop versatility of style and an individual voice through physical practice. Dance Studio Practice takes place in the mornings, Monday through Friday.

Creative Research in Dance is designed to introduce students to college-level pre-professional practice in choreography and performance. This four-week course, taking place Monday through Friday in the afternoons, consists of three components: Composition, Repertory, and a series of special workshops in Improvisation, Anatomy/Kinesiology, and Dance and NewMedia. Course work focuses on the development of new choreography through creative generation of movement phrases and an exploration of spatial and temporal aspects of dance composition. Students will create short choreographies to be shared weekly for constructive critical feedback. Throughout the Repertory component students will learn and refine professional-level dance works to be performed in the Final Studio Showing.

We also provide opportunities to explore newer areas of dance research including improvisational techniques, kinesiology and dance science, and the role of new media in dance creation. Students share their own compositions with faculty in weekly showings taking place on Friday afternoons; the program culminates in a final studio showing for faculty, family and friends on the last day of class in the afternoon followed by a reception for friends and family.

Program Director: Elizabeth Coker,