Dramatic Writing


Dramatic Writing

DWPG-UT 15 – Summer Screenwriting, 3 credits
DWPG-UT 16 – Summer Playwriting, 3 credits

Students will be studying playwriting and screenwriting, Monday through Friday. These two courses together provide students with an exciting introduction to the world of dramatized storytelling and give them insight into the life of a dramatic writer. As part of the class, students will attend live theater events. Students will be provided with Metrocards to take them to and from these live theatre events during the course of the program.

In playwriting, students will read and analyze short plays and monologues, collaborate with their classmates, and explore the dynamics of a physical theater space through design, direction, and performance in addition to written text. In screenwriting, students will learn the form and craft of writing feature length screenplays and explore what makes a screenplay different from other written mediums. Students will analyze produced screenplays and a number of films will be screened during these discussions.

During workshop sessions, students present their work which is then reviewed, critiqued, and rewritten. In screenwriting, this process results in an outline and the partial scripting of a full-length screenplay; in playwriting, it culminates in a ten-minute play.  Student monologues are directed and acted by professional actors and directors who work with the department on a regular basis. Readings of classic plays and screenplays, and screenings of movies and tapes of important theatrical productions complement the course work. Students will also have guest lecturers in TV writing and several film story analysis sessions.

Students work together as a repertory company to rehearse, critique, and rewrite their plays, and on the last day of classes, they perform their plays. The Staged Reading Performance will take place on the final Friday of the program (friends and family are invited).  All students will be required to participate in this final event in some capacity in addition to being a writer (i.e. director, actor, stage manager).

Administrative Director: Julia Attanasiojulia.attanasio@nyu.edu 


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