Film and Television


Film and Television

FMTV-UT 1111 – Summer Filmmakers Workshop, 4 credits
FMTV-UT 70 – Summer High School Arts and Culture, 2 credits

During the program, each day is different: students attend classes, lectures, screenings, work on exercises in the field and in the edit labs. They direct and produce their own projects and crew on their classmates’ films, becoming familiar with all parts of production. They also work in the edit lab on both collaborative and individual projects.  During the first week, technical instruction and exercises focus on how to use the cameras and the editing software, while giving students the opportunity to practice the basics of visual storytelling. Lectures and screenings highlight the fundamentals of story structure, character development, and communication of thematic statements. The first two weeks of the program are devoted to exercises and producing a group music video. In the final two weeks, students work on their individual projects.  The program culminates in a screening of student projects which we encourage family to attend.  Students work in crews of four, with a Teaching Assistant supervising the production of each exercise and project. Every student is provided with an unlimited-ride Metrocard for the duration of the program to assist with transportation.

Program Administrator: Emma Aarnes,


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