Game Design

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Game Design

GAMES-UT 010 – Game Literacy, 2 credits

GAMES-UT 050 – Game Design Workshop, 2 credits

GAMES-UT 020 – Game Development Workshop, 2 credits


The NYU Game Center is dedicated to the exploration of games as a cultural form and game design as creative practice. With a hands-on approach to teaching, the summer program covers the various skills and disciplines that are brought together in modern game development: game design, programming, visual art, animation, sound design, and writing.

Students will take courses from Monday through Friday focusing on Game Literacy, Game Design, and Game Development. In Game Literacy, students develop a fundamental critical literacy about games from a formal, cultural, and social perspective. Students will look at games from multiple perspectives and look at games discussion on multiple platforms. The course will help students define and articulate their own critical frameworks when they approach games through play, readings, writing, and discussion. Game Design will provide an introduction to the underlying principles of game design outside the context of any particular technical platform. Students learn how to craft a compelling interactive experience through rules and play by creating non-digital games in a number of different formats. In Game Development, students are introduced to the fundamentals of creating a playable digital game from start to finish. This will include an introduction to the basics of programming, working with engines and tools, organizing a complex creative technical project, as well as collaboration and creative teamwork. A final showing of work will take place on the final day of class.

Students will receive a 30-day Metrocard to take them to and from classes at the NYU in Brooklyn campus.

Administrative Director: Kevin Spain,