General Academic Information


Accessing your NYUHome account

All communication will be done through your NYU email account. Please follow the instructions listed in the post Accessing your NYU Account for how to set up your NYU email account.

Attendance and Punctuality

Students are required to attend all classes and curriculum-based events. Students are are expected to get themselves to and from class each day. Tardiness is not permitted. Students will be accompanied for curriculum-based events that take place outside of the immediate Washington Square Park area.

If you have any religious observances that may impact your academics, please contact your department and faculty.

College Credit and Course Information

During the 4 weeks with the Tisch Summer High School Program, students will earn six college credits. Each College or University has their own transfer policy, so students will need to inquire how credits earned in the Tisch Summer High School Program can be applied once they are admitted to an undergraduate program.

All grades will be posted by September, but academic transcripts ARE NOT automatically sent at the end of summer. If students would like an academic transcript, they can make a request by:

  • Visiting the Registrar’s Office located at the StudentLink Center (383 Lafayette Street, 1st Floor)
  • Mailing or faxing a letter to University Registrar.
  • More information can be found on the registrar’s website .

Transcripts can be requested at any time. When making requests in person, photo ID must be presented. Mailed or faxed requests require the signature of the student. Only the student can make a request for his or her grades.

Please note that any students who have not completely paid all charges attributed to their program will not be able to request a transcript until their Bursar account is settled. Students with questions about their account should contact the Office of the Bursar at NYU at (212) 998-2806 or . Please include the student identification number or N# in the email correspondence or have it ready when calling the Bursar Office.

Undergraduate Admissions Information

Students enrolled in the Tisch Summer High School Program have the unique opportunity to work with Tisch faculty and take courses that undergraduate students enrolled in Tisch would take during their career here.  While this program does not guarantee admission to the undergraduate programs at Tisch, it does give students the opportunity to explore intensive study in the arts and may help them make a decision as to whether they would like to pursue an undergraduate degree in a program that offers professional training, scholarship and research in the performing and media arts.

If after completing the program, students decide that they would like to apply specifically to Tisch, students and families should inform themselves about specific application deadlines, portfolio requirements and curriculum. The Tisch admissions website provides this information .

Students will need to apply through the NYU Undergraduate Admissions website, and can choose to submit a paper or online application. The last part of the application includes information about Special Admissions Requirements and this is where students will submit additional portfolio materials for their specific departments.

If students have specific questions about departmental requirements, they can contact the appropriate department.

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974)

The federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) establishes standards concerning the privacy of student education records and the rights of students to inspect and review their education records. As enrolled students in a post-secondary institution, Tisch Summer High School Program students are entitled to the protection afforded them under FERPA, and the right of access to their educational record belongs to the student no matter the legal age or status as a minor.

Students may elect to electronically sign a Consent to Disclosure of Student Information form, available via their accept/decline option, to permit the release of information to their parents or guardians about the student while in the Tisch Summer High School Program.  Please be advised, however, that FERPA allows the Tisch Summer High School Program  to notify the parents or guardians of a student when there is a significant threat to a student’s health and safety or if a student has violated a University or Tisch Summer High School Program rule/policy or a public law concerning alcohol or another controlled substance.  The decision whether to notify parents or guardians in such situations will be made according to the professional judgment of appropriate staff and does not require the prior consent of the student.  Students may or may not be consulted in the notification process.


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