Photography and Imaging


Photography and Imaging

PHTI-UT 1700 – Photography and Imaging, 4 credits
PHTI-UT 1702 – Critical Studies in Photography, 2 credits

This four-week course is designed for students with a range of experience in photography, from beginners to more advanced students who are interested in furthering their skills and understanding of the medium. Students will learn how to operate a manual 35mm film camera and manual digital SLR camera. They will be encouraged to strengthen their conceptual approach to making images through techniques related to Depth of Field, framing, lighting, portraiture, environmental photography, abstraction, photojournalism and sequencing. Additionally students will refine their understanding of visual modalities in the huge volume of images we encounter regularly and apply these ideas to their own images. Through working in the black-and-white darkroom and digital lab, students will learn how to create professional quality silver gelatin prints and archival inkjet prints. More dynamic forms of presentation, including bookmaking, installation, and digital platforms will also be explored. In the course, emphasis is placed on the exploration and application of personal expression, through selection, composition and presentation of subject matter. The course is comprised of lectures on the history of the medium, technical demonstrations, lab time, group and individual critiques, artist visits, an ongoing journal, written assignments, and field trips to cultural institutions. This intensive experience allows for students to share ideas through image making, gain feedback during critique, and work in a supportive learning environment within the dynamic environment of New York City. By the end of the course, students will have created three photographic projects with written statements, researched and written about the work of established photographers, produced a final group exhibition, created a place for their work to be presented online, as well as an artist statement and final portfolio of their work.

Program Director: Niki Kekos,

Program Administrator: Patricia McKelvin,


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