Recorded Music


Recorded Music

REMU-UT 500 – Fundamentals of Music Production, 2 credits
REMU-UT 501 – Foundations of Music Business, 2 credits
REMU-UT 502 – Arts and Culture of New York City, 2 credits

In Fundamentals of Music Production, you will work in groups of 4 and collaborate on writing and producing a suite of songs for an artist project.

In Foundations of the Music Business, you will learn, in addition to other things, the roles, responsibilities and key activities involved in bringing the artist that you develop in Fundamentals of Music Production to the music business marketplace.

Mornings will typically be spent in a seminar-based classroom environment.  After a short break, you will experience the music business first-hand, via special guest speakers from the industry as well as field trips to record labels, publishing companies, recording studios, and other music industry environments. Students will be provided with 16 trip Metrocards to take them to and from these field trips during the length of the program.

In addition, through Arts & Culture of New York City, you will go on field trips to local cultural organizations, engage in hands-on songwriting, performance and production workshops, and immerse yourself in music history & criticism workshops where you will explore topics such as writing about pop music in the digital age, the influence of the Beatles on songwriting, the global music marketplace, and the phenomena of fandom.

All homework will be completed in the evenings, in either the digital audio workstations lab, in the classroom, or in the dorm room.  Every team will have the support of dedicated, experienced Teaching Assistants to ensure a personalized level of instruction.

Family and friends are invited to attend a final presentation which represents the culmination of your work. This happens on the last Friday of the program in the afternoon.

Some highlights from last year’s Recorded Music program, include:

  • Seeing hit Broadway shows – In previous years, the program has seen Waitress, Once, Kinky Boots, and even Hamilton (with a talkback from the cast!)
  • Movie screenings of “DOPE,” with talkbacks with Pharrell’s creative director Mimi Valdés.
  • Tour of Sterling Sound, one of the most notable mastering studios in the world.
  • Field trips to live shows – In previous years, the program has seen Bruno Mars, Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Beyoncé, Demi Lovato, and Nick Jonas.

Program Director: Brianne Hayes,

Administrative Coordinator: Alan Watson,


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